Jim Watkins

Photographer, retired banker and the pro football player that never was.

Current City: San Jose, CA // Hometown: Chicago, IL

My interest in photography began on the streets of Paris, France in 1991. Armed with disposable cameras, I explored the City of Light to document my lifelong dream of visiting the city. Two years later, I returned to Paris – this time with a real camera – and was forever hooked on photography. Although gainfully employed in the Chicago banking industry, I continued to follow my passion for photography, creating and selling travel-oriented images from the U.S. and Europe.

Now I concentrate on landscape, cityscape, architectural and street photography. I’ve been published in magazines, newspapers, books and state travel guides. Now enjoying my semi-retirement years, I am a staff photographer at the San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department, living my dream as an outdoors photographer and pursuing a passion of street and documentary photography.